About us

    CSP was created to tailor the ever growing need for Cyber Security specialists worldwide, we no longer live in a world where Cyber Security and Data Privacy is a commodity,  it is a critical necessity.

    With emerging technology, zero-day threats are evolving and therefore there is an ever growing need to keep systems and information secure and treated with availabilityintegrity and confidentiality.

    Our Clients

    Seeking leaders and specialists in their field.

    Our Candidates

    Progressing their careers and seeking responsibility and reward for their skills.

    Our Differentiator

    We have the cyber qualifications and years of talent search experience to allow us to help our customers express what they need and help our candidates to communicate their potential.

    In Depth

    Businesses face a range of issues and obstacles when it comes to Information Systems & Security, these include technical but also managerial related topics, including risk management, security standards, legislation and business continuity.

    This is where we can help, we don’t match keywords to job specs, we go deep into the role by having in-depth discussion with hiring managers to understand the nature of the role, its purpose and the culture of the company to ensure we put forward the best candidates who can do the role but also fit into the culture and methodology of the company.

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    Meet the Team

    Nick Haaker

    Lead Consultant

    CISMP Certified by the British Computing Society and has over 8 years of experience working as a Specialist InfoSec and Cyber Search consultant, since forming CSP Nick has helped to build Technical Security Teams, placed a number of Directors in Leadership roles, helped Education providers find the best instructors worldwide, helped keep the UK Secure by helping the MoD/ Intelligence agencies with some of the best talent out there, helped a range of students by offering advice and support, and so much more!

    “I haven’t worked a single day in the last 2 years, it’s just pure passion!”

    Paula Cerezo

    Cyber Security Recruiter

    CISMP Certified by the British Computing Society, Paula focuses on technical cyber security recruitment & talent delivery, covering; PenTesting, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, SOC and Security Design & Architecture.

    “I’m so happy to be part of such a thriving company and work and learn the ins and outs of such an incredible sector full of professionals who really love what they do!”

    CISMP Certified

    We go deep into cyber & information security.

    The CSP team are CISMP certified by the British Computing Society and have collectively over 10 years experience working as Specialist InfoSec and Cyber Search consultants having worked with some of the biggest brands worldwide, including Major Engineering firms, Software Houses, BIG4 Advisories, Start-ups and Government related businesses and projects.

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